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8 ways to boost holiday sales

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Holiday celebrations will likely look different this year, whether customers opt to gather virtually or downsize their at-home family dinners because of COVID-19.

But, with the right strategies, grocers can still make the most of the holiday shopping season. Here's 8 ways you can books your holiday sales:

STOCK HOLIDAY ITEMS SOONER. Shoppers trying to avoid crowds will be shopping earlier than ever before. Be ready!

OPTIMIZE YOUR CHECK-OUT AREA. With browsing and leisure shopping a thing of the past, you’ll want to make sure every square inch near your check-out offers customers grab-and-go impulse items.

THINK CORPORATE GIFT GIVING. In the absence of big holiday parties, employers will be looking for ways to say thank you to their staff. Offer gourmet baskets to attract big business orders.

SCALE DOWN. Feature smaller roasts, turkeys and hams that are appropriate for more intimate at-home entertaining and focus on individual servings for pre-prepared appetizers and desserts.

STAFF UP. Disappointing customers during the holidays is not an option. Make sure you’ve got enough employees on hand to ensure lines go quickly, to answer questions and to make sure online grocery pickups happen without hiccups.

RAMP UP YOUR ONLINE EXPERIENCE. Include detailed product descriptions, quick check-out and secure payment capabilities, intuitive search functions, and an easy-to-navigate search function.

OFFER SOLUTIONS TO HOLIDAY ENTERTAINING CHALLENGES. Whether it’s what to serve a vegan or last-minute drop-in guests for dinner, provide your customers with practical advice.

SPREAD A LITTLE JOY. COVID-weary consumers are craving positivity. Emphasize the idea that celebrating the holidays with friends and family over a good meal is what is meaningful right now and you’re there to help make it happen.


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