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Activia launches 30-day challenge campaign

Yogurt brand positions itself a lifestyle partner for consumers

Danone’s Activia has partnered with Rogers-owned properties Cityline and Chatelaine to promote its 30-Day Challenge and position the yogurt brand as a “lifestyle partner.”

Activia is pushing its month-long challenge across multiple Rogers platforms, with exposure on TV, radio, and in Chatelaine, as well as an on-going blogger program dubbed “Tasters and Testers” that will document the writers’ experiences during the challenge.

As well, an Activia-sponsored nutritionist will be part of Breakfast Television segments across Canada.

The aim of the campaign is to promote Activia as a staple in the lives of consumers, said Jesse Gainer, marketing solutions account manager at Rogers Media, which owns Marketing and Canadian Grocer.

The 30-Day Challenge requires participants to register at, eat Activia yogurt twice a day and live a healthy lifestyle for a month, in return for the opportunity to win prizes, including one million PC Plus Points, made possible through Danone’s partnership with Loblaws.

To kick things off, Activia hosted a hula-hooping event in downtown Toronto March 27 in hopes of smashing a previous world record.

An Activia-sponsored fitness expert recently appeared on Cityline to discuss the fitness merits of hula-hoops and handed audience members Activia-branded prize packs, including Activia branded hula-hoops.

“Overall, outside the fact that is specifically to promote their 30-Day challenge, it’s really to create a brand perception that Activia is a healthy part of anyone’s diet, and that the brand itself embodies a healthy, active lifestyle,” said Gainer. “Activia wants to position themselves as a lifestyle partner.”

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