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All about the beef

New Roundup App takes the mystery out of red meat

A free phone app is aiming to get consumers to buy more beef.

Launched earlier this month, The Roundup App from Canada Beef lets users search steaks by name, different cuts and tenderness, and supplies recipes and information on cooking techniques and safe storage.

“Consumers’ eyes tend to glaze over when they see that sea of red at the meat counter,” said Joyce Parslow, director, consumer relations at Canada Beef.  “Our research shows they end up getting the same cut that they cook the very same way every time.”

The Roundup is hoping to change all that. Based on an online booklet developed by Canada Beef, the app is taking it one step further with interactive tools.

“It’s like having a mobile cuts chart with you at the meat counter at all times,” says Parslow.

Retailers will reap the benefits as well, Parslow believes. Unlike a pizza or all-in-one pasta dish, she says a roast or steak is the anchor on a dinner plate. Consumers can build around that centerpiece with different sides. “ just building their grocery basket further,” she says.

The app is also a useful training tool for staff. “This is a good way for meat department staff to understand the cuts and how to cook them,” said Parslow. “It’s also a tool they can use to interact with consumers at point of purchase.”

Roundup was launched at the opening of the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence in Calgary, Alta. on March 9.

The app being promoted via print and online campaigns, with a goal of 8,000 downloads in the first month. An ipad demo podium was developed to feature at media, consumer and retailer events and will later reside permanently at the Centre.

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