All hail kale!


Have you taken a look at what is happening to kale?

It is in season and it is everywhere – in cooking magazines, on blogs, and in the food sections of daily newspapers.

It is one of those under rated vegetables where once your shopper discovers its bountifulness they will start adding it to their shopping basket more often.

You can steam it, stir-fry, bake it and even eat it raw. And who hasn’t tried kale chips yet?

Simply tear kale leaves into chip size pieces, drizzle lightly with oil and sea salt, lightly finger massage the leaves, spread on a cookie sheet and then pop them into a 400F © oven for 5 to 10 minutes. Enjoy.

To have your kale sales take off consider any of the following ideas:

1) Add some nutritional details like the fact it is a source of calcium.
2) Tear out a recipe idea from a magazine like Chatelaine and post it.
3) Cross merchandise it with beets (think about kale with shaved beets and feta).
4) Explore the different varieties that you can offer (Tuscan or Sabellian kale sounds so much more wonderful than just plain old kale).
5) Offer up both organic and conventionally grown kale to reach a larger audience.

And take a moment to try kale yourself so you can speak from first-hand experience to your shoppers.

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