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Atlantic Canada food supplier goes gluten-free

'We're offering more options to those on restricted diets' says Bonté Foods prez

It looks like no one is jumping off the gluten-free bandwagon any time soon.

Dieppe, N.B.-based deli meat processor Bonté Foods/Chris Brothers has announced that after two years of research and development, the company's line of meat products are now gluten-free.

Bonté Foods, which says it is Atlantic Canada’s largest deli meat manufacturer, produces over 300 items for foodservice and grocers.

Mike Whittaker, president of Bonté Foods, said the company aimed to eliminate gluten without altering the taste of the products. To create the products, the company worked closely with suppliers to source ingredients and develop recipes. Those recipes were then tested with taste panels.

"By removing wheat from our meat products, we're offering more options to those on restricted diets," said Nicole Churchill, vice-president of food safety with the company.

Bonté Foods line of products includes meats under the Nature's Deli label, which includes roasted chicken, black forest ham, oven-roasted turkey, corned beef brisket, pepperoni and salami.

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