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Bento launches sustainable fish policy


Sushi maker Bento has launched a seafood sustainability initiative with a goal of using only sustainable seafood in its products by 2012.

The company made the announcement Nov 8 and says it is partnering with SeaChoice, which is a joint initiative of several environmental groups including the David Suzuki Foundation and the Sierra Club of British Columbia.

SeaChoice is one of a handful of organizations that certify retailer and manufacturer sustainable fish policies. Others include Marine Stewardship Council and Oceanwise. SeaChoice’s other grocery clients include Whole Foods and Federated Co-operatives.

Bento, based in Toronto, says it has already switched 65% of its product offering to sustainable seafood. It has also replaced endangered red-listed tuna with what it says is sustainable troll-caught Albacore tuna from the Pacific Northwest.

Starting in November, Bento will identify sustainable seafood items in its product lines. SeaChoice labels will appear on Bento products that meet sustainability criteria.

“We want our customers to have an authentic, nutritious, and safe sushi experience that supports healthy oceans,” says Carl Sparkes, president and CEO of Bento. “Our mission is to deliver great sustainable sushi to Canadians anywhere, anytime.”

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