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Can Walmart win in Canada?

How Walmart and Amazon will duke it out with shipping

With Target bowing out of Canada, some speculated Walmart would be in the perfect position to gain more retail ground in the competitive retail space.

But Walmart announced last week it would drop its unlimited free shipping policy. Customers are now charged $4.97 for delivery unless they spend $50 or more.

An article from Motely Fool speculates while customers may not balk at the additional costs right now, Walmart will soon have to revamp under the pressures of another competing retailer: Amazon.

Amazon gives Canadians free shipping once their total hits $25. It has some delivery limitations to remote locations, but that could change as Amazon has begun testing a drone delivery service in rural British Columbia.

This would mean one day a package could be delievered within 30 minutes or so of an order being placed.

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