Canada Beef links cattle farmers and food with brand refresh

Refreshed logo, a new tagline and a video aim to connect with consumers

Calgary-based Canada Beef has updated its brand identity, with an aim to connect with consumers on a more emotional level and get them to gather at the dinner table.

A refreshed logo now includes an image of cattle along with the maple leaf and wave image that have been used for years. A new tagline, “We put the best of Canada into our beef,” is meant to link Canada’s hardworking cattle farmers and ranchers, sustainable practices and good ethics to the food itself.

“For some time, the Canadian beef advantage was highly technically driven in terms of our attributes, for example, quality and food safety,” says Rob Meijer, president and CEO of Canada Beef. “What we had to do was evolve our brand to the point where it became much more of an emotional differentiator and allowed us to express elements related to the producer, the product, our world-class standards and certainly sustainability.”

The enhanced brand persona was launched at an event at the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence (CBCE) in Calgary earlier this month. The theme was the “family dinner featuring Canadian beef,” with the message that Canadian beef is an easy-to-make, delicious meal that can get even the busiest families to the table.

“People are searching for information and we need to simplify that and connect with consumers, and through our brand we’re going to be able to do that,” says Meijer.

Guests at the event were treated to a surprise performance by country music star Paul Brandt, who also stars in a new video for Canada Beef. In the spot, Brandt talks about why Canada is best place to raise cattle for beef, from the hardworking cattle ranchers to ideal elements like wide open spaces and fresh air. The spot ends with a family at dinnertime, with beef at the centre of the table.

“Paul Brandt is a postcard reflection of what our industry is all about,” says Meijer. “He is a hard-working, dedicated individual who comes from humble rural roots. He’s gone global with his brand and he’s done it in a very honest, authentic and appealing way.”

“When I look at beef, that’s exactly how I want our industry, our product and our producers to be received: humble, honest, authentic and appealing,” adds Meijer. “ connect with consumers through a story and create that demand pull and that loyalty.”

The video is on YouTube and Canada Beef is promoting it through its social channels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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