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Canada Safeway commits to a sustainable seafood policy


Canada Safeway announced that by 2015 all its fresh and frozen seafood will be sourced from sustainable and traceable sources, or be in a credible improvement project.

To meet this objective, Canada Safeway in partnership with SeaChoice, a national program that provides science-based sustainability assessments of seafood, will engage with the retailer's suppliers to assess and improve sustainable seafood procurement, as well as educate employees and customers about the environmental concerns associated with seafood.

"As one of Western Canada's largest food retailers, Safeway is committed to continue transitioning our seafood to sustainable sources over time to make a measurable difference in the planet's ecosystems," said Chuck Mulvenna, president and CEO for Canada Safeway.

"While the oceans have provided healthy food choices for generations, there is clear scientific evidence that many species of marine life are being threatened. Safeway's seafood sustainability policy outlines our commitment to provide sustainable options for our customers to enjoy. "

Canada Safeway has already removed a number of SeaChoice red-listed species from their seafood counters including Atlantic halibut, orange roughy, Chilean sea bass and shark.

In addition to their fresh and frozen commitment, the company has chosen to discontinue its private label canned yellowfin tuna.

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