Cattlemen's group says no reason to stop eating meat in moderation

Association comments after WHO links processed meat to cancer

The Canadian Cattlemen's Association says there are many theories why red and processed meat may be linked to cancer, but no scientific consensus has been reached.

The association commented after the World Health Organization's cancer agency said hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats can lead to colon, stomach and other cancers.

The agency says red meat is "probably carcinogenic.''

Cattlemen's spokesman Mark Klassen says if there is an increase in the potential risk of colorectal cancer from red meat consumption, it is very small.

Klassen says that risk needs to be considered relative to the benefit of red meat, noting that beef is among the best food sources of well absorbed iron and protein.

He says as long as people aren't eating bacon at every meal and are following Canada's Food Guide, there's no reason to stop eating meat.

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