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Check this out: Big brands, big laughs and the big game

Amazon, Pepsi and Planters among the brands spending big ad bucks for this year’s Super Bowl

While commercial breaks during live television events are often relegated for bathroom breaks and trips to the fridge (more dip anyone?), Super Bowl advertising is perhaps one of few things that can keep viewers glued to their seats and their sets. Brand banked on it, in fact, splashing out a reported US$5.25 million for 30 seconds of air time during NBC's coverage of the game.

Here’s a look at how some big name food, drink and grocery-related brands used the opportunity:

Amazon has long adopted a test-and-learn approach that has resulted in wins, and as you can see, a few gaffes.

PepsiCo is all about star power. The beverage and snacks maker recruited Canadian crooner Michael Bublé to promote Bubly. Say that three times fast.

Meanwhile, Cardi B, Steve Carrell and Lil Jon are "more than OK" in this spot for the company's namesake brand.

Chance the Rapper joins the Backstreet Boys to promote the chip brand's Flamin’ Hot Nacho flavour. Cue choreography.

Bottom line: Put down the chips and get a little nuts.

Kraft turns up the heat for its frozen-food brand Devour.

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