Check this out: Tim Hortons thanks a nation

Coffee chain releases 60-second commercial to celebrate Canada's 150th

Canada's beloved coffee chain Tim Hortons is raising a cup of joe to "those who've shaped out country and to those who will," as part of its marketing efforts around Canada's 150th anniversary.

Set in a hospital, the 60-second television commercial follows families of different races and religions as they welcome their latest family member into the world. Visitors to the hospital are seen bearing gifts and trays of Tim Hortons coffee.

Tim Hortons is one in a long line of brands and grocery retailers celebrating Canada's sesquicentennial. Metro Ontario, for instance, is selling a limited-edition canvas tote bag with a "Metro red bottom" and a 150 maple leaf design. Meanwhile, Labatt Breweries of Canada incorporated Canada's 150 logo into its Labatt 50 branding.

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