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Chicken Farmers of Canada deploys helpful "chickens" in Toronto

People in chicken costumes can be found doing good deeds around the city
Jillian Morgan, female, digital editor for Canadian Grocer
chicken farmers canada toronto chickens
Campaign aims to reinforce that Canadian chickens are "raised right." Photography courtesy Chicken Farmers of Canada

Do-good chickens are hitting the streets of Toronto this month as part of Chicken Farmers of Canada’s new campaign.

Torontonians may have seen people in chicken costumes doing good deeds around the city: holding doors, cleaning up garbage, picking up tabs and helping commuters cross the street.

"It's simple: these chickens are out doing good deeds because they were raised right, just like chickens raised by Canadian chicken farmers," said JJ Hochrein, director of brand marketing for Chicken Farmers of Canada, in a release. "Canadian farmers are proud to raise chickens with care and without hormones or steroids. It's not easy, but they go out of their way every day to do it right — just like the chickens you may have encountered around your neighbourhood last week."

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