Chobani no longer on Canadian shelves

Greek yogurt maker couldn’t secure long-term milk supply: reports

Chobani Greek yogurt is no longer available in Canadian stores, a spokesperson for the company confirmed to Canadian Grocer.

According to reports, the cause of the vanishing act is problems with milk supply.

New-York-based Chobani was importing products into Ontario from the U.S. under a temporary permit, which expired at the end of February.

The company was planning to build a manufacturing plant in Kingston, Ont., writes the Financial Post.

But various news outlets report the yogurt maker couldn’t secure a steady supply of its key ingredient: milk. As a result, plans to build the plant are on hold.

“One of the hurdles that Chobani has faced in coming to Canada has been acquiring an adequate long-term milk supply,” Chobani officials told the paper.

According to reports, a Nov. 27 meeting that brought together producers, processor and government workers failed to resolve the issue.

Amy Juaristi, Chobani’s director of PR, declined to offer details about the products’ presence in Canada.

But she told Canadian Grocer “we continue to work closely with the Canadian government to find a solution, as we remain committed to growing in the Canadian marketplace and bringing Chobani to Canadian fans nationwide.”

A spokesperson with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade did not return calls for comment.

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