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Choices Markets celebrates Nutrition Month

Promotions include cooking demonstrations and in-store tours to connect directly with shoppers

This Sunday marks the beginning of Nutrition Month, an initiative dedicated to educating Canadians about how to eat and enjoy healthy food. And B.C.-based Choices Markets is taking the opportunity to highlight some of their in-store services.

Using the theme “Eating 9 to 5” Choices will be promoting healthy eating at work through cooking demonstrations, social media, in-store tours and by hosting an education session for 50 dietitians.

Nicole Fetterly, nutrition operations manager at Choices, says a big component of the retailer’s program will be an in-store two-minute cooking show where nutrition consultants cook healthy recipes in front of shoppers.

“The two-minute cooking show is a way to get people to talk to us as we feed them,” she says. ‘Our consultants will engage with the customers about what it is that we’ve made and the theme for nutrition month.”

The idea, she says, is to give customers ideas for healthy meals they can make and take to work with them, such as veggies served with a tahini lemon dressing.

Demonstration tables will display additional resource materials from the Dietitians of Canada.

Store tours will focus on the 30-minute meal, showing customers how they can quickly prepare healthy meals using products they can find at Choices. Shoppers can pick up a rotisserie chicken, for example, or pump up the nutrients in their favourite soup by adding frozen kale.

For the third year, Choices will also host a one-day event specifically for dietitians. The wine and cheese education session will include a cooking demonstration from Choices’ in-store chef .

“We do this as a way to stay connected with the dietetic community and keep them aware of our fantastic nutrition services so they will refer their clients to us,” says Fetterly.

The session will be sponsored by some of Choices’ vendors such as Habibi’s, Terra Breads, and the L’Ancetre Cheese Factory.

“We are trying to educate the educators on nutrition and be leaders for the nutrition community,” says Fetterly.

In a video below, Fetterly gives a tour of Choices Markets' health and wellness offerings:

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