Colemans, Health Canada partner on eat well campaign

Colemans promotes healthy eating in store with flyer recipes and contests

Newfoundland's Colemans has partnered with Health Canada and the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers the Eat Well Campaign.

The campaign promotes healthy eating by providing consumers with information to help them make healthier choices at home, at the grocery store and when eating out.

Education and promotion of healthy eating is nothing new for the grocer, as it has run events to support healthy eating for kids and seniors alike in the past.

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For the Eating Well campaign, in Colemans' weekly flyer, there will be seven healthy recipes, one for each day of the week. Each recipe is recommended by Colemans registered dietitians, Heather Allen Joyce and Nicole Penton.

"The fantastic part is that we are offering delicious, healthy  meals at affordable prices as all seven meals are under $20," said Judy Bennett, the retailer's public relations manager.

Families can also clip out the recipes as the flyer's front contains a shopping list with preparation and directions on the back.

Colemans is also running a contest in conjunction with the promotion. When families post and share photos of their family preparing these healthy meals on Colemans' Facebook page, they will have a chance to win prizes.

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