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Come together to celebrate Organic Week

Support a growing organic sector, transparent food system, and a source of food that is sustainable in the future

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Canadians have never been so interested in learning where their food comes from – and like any healthy relationship, organic gets better the more you get to know it. Whether they’ve already fallen for organic or have just started flirting with the idea, consumers want to get to know their food, and the people who make it.

This Organic Week, help your customers meet their organic match at the largest annual celebration of organic food, farming, and products in Canada. After all, we have a lot to celebrate! Together we’re supporting a growing organic sector, transparent food system, and a source of food that is sustainable in the future.

Organic Week 2016 promises to be the most vibrant, impactful festival yet. The celebration aims to get as many Canadians as possible involved and learning about the benefits of organic farming and its positive impact on the environment.

With national media coverage, over 300 events across Canada, ad features in magazines and newspapers, and a national social media campaign encouraging consumers to #SpotCanadaOrganic in stores and on the dinner table, Organic Week is a great way to spread a little organic love.

Last year’s #SpotCanadaOrganic contest received thousands of entries, with consumers snapping photos of products with the Canada Organic logo and tagging retailers and producers on social media for a chance to win prizes.

Local events included everything from pickling workshops to recipes contests, farm tours, or organic food and drink tastings in retail locations across the country. Past Organic Weeks have been featured on CBC, CTV, Global, Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, and more, helping draw national attention to organic food, farming, and products.

How can you get involved? Bring organic to life in store with our free Retailer Program materials, including posters, wobblers, brochures, pins, stickers, hang signs, and more!

These resources will engage consumers with the key messages that helped us all fall in love with organic: integrity, farm to fork traceability, animal welfare, care for the environment, reduced exposure to pesticides and genetic engineering (GMOs), and, above all, healthy and delicious food.

Organic Week takes place from September 17 to September 25.

Learn more at or email [email protected]

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