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CPGs dominate online video

Auto and pharma categories invest more, according to Videology study

Consumer packaged goods remain Canada’s dominant online video advertisers according to the latest report from Videology. Thirty-eight per cent of the more than 300 million video impressions sampled from the digital ad firm’s platform in Q2 were for common grocery items.

However, Videology reports that pharmaceutical marketers garnered 25 times more impressions year-over-year for that period — the largest growth of any sector — reaching 8% of total video impressions. The automotive category has also seen significant growth in its impressions, jumping to 27% of the market (a five-fold increase from Q2 2014).

Videology releases quarterly reports on traffic across its platform, and provides a snapshot of data points based on its observations of the market. Other tidbits worth noting:

• 45% of all video campaigns in the first six months of the year ran across multiple devices, compared to 39% for the previous six-month period
• The 15-second ad format appears to have become slightly less popular, accounting for 48% of all video ads in the sample, compared to 54% in Q2 last year
• The longest format studied — 60-seconds or more — saw a slight uptick to 3% of the sample, up from less than 1%

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