Cult Food Science expands operations, plans cell-based product launches

Company launches new division focused on development of cell-based products
cult food science

Investment platform Cult Food Science Corp. has launched a new division to develop and commercialize cell-based products.

The Cult Food Division will work in collaboration with affiliate companies, and is already set to launch two products.

Zero Coffee is a sparkling coffee beverage made with cell-based coffee, while Free Candy is a “performance gummy” made with cell-based collagen. 

"There are many products that depend on animal agriculture for key elements of their production. It is not only staple products such as meat that will be reinvented through cellular agriculture, but the over $50 billion auxiliary market, such as coffee beans and collagen. Many of the key ingredients you see on grocery store shelves today can be replaced through cell-based methods, and are already being produced by Cult affiliate companies. These products represent a massive opportunity for Cult Food Science to bring interesting new food experiences to consumers," said Lejjy Gafour, CEO of Cult, in a statement.

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