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Cult Food Science inks AI deal with Alcheme Bio

Partnership looks to leverage technology to optimize the taste of cell-cultivated foods

Toronto-headquartered Cult Food Science Corp. has partnered with Alcheme Bio to develop cellular agriculture products with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Founded by Vanessa Small, Alcheme Bio’s proprietary approach is designed to optimize the flavour of cell-cultivated foods. 

Small was most recently the head of biologics at Cue Health and previously developed products for Alere Inc. and CalAsia. She is a scientific advisor and venture partner for Digital DX Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on digital healthcare.

"When it comes to food, taste and cost are king. Regardless of how sustainable a product may be, something that tastes amazing is key for cultivated foods to be adopted. The production process is multistage, and continuous improvement is a pivotal part of high quality manufacturing and that's why we're a big supporter of what Alcheme Bio is doing" said Lejjy Gafour, CEO of Cult, in a statement.

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