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Cult Food Science to launch three cultured pet food brands

Company aims to be among the first to make cultured meat available for pets in North America

Cellular-based foods company Cult Food Science Corp. is expanding its pet food division with the launch of three new consumer brands: Noochies!, Indiana Pet Foods and Marina Cat.

Noochies! (formerly Because Animals, which the company acquired in March) uses a patented, cell-cultured nutritional yeast – called Bmmune – to make cat and dog foods with comparable nutrient specifications to beef or lamb, the company said. 

The brand’s product line-up – slated to launch in the third quarter of 2023 – includes supplements, treats and complete nutrition foods. It also includes animal-free treats for cats.

Indiana Pet Foods is a cell-based dog food and treat brand made with tier-1 collagen, formulated for active and senior dogs.

Finally, Marina Cat treats are made from cell-based fish and marine ingredients. 

"These new brands and products are focused on providing better food options for our pets. High quality inputs for pet foods can be hard to achieve using traditional sources such as '4D' meats. But cell-based ingredients can provide the potential for healthier and safer options for the pets we love. I am excited to launch these brands to further accelerate our mission of making cell-based foods part of everyday life," said Lejjy Gafour, CEO of Cult, in a statement. 

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