Dairy Farmers of Canada unveils new logo

Organization drops cartoon cow logo in favour of more realistic depiction

Logo: Dairy Farmers of Canada (CNW Group/Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC))

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) has introduced a new logo designed to be eye-catching and easier to understand, while also reinforcing the positive relationship between farmers and consumers.

The most significant change is the elimination of the cartoon-like “little blue cow” that has been a mainstay of DFC’s branding for several years. It has been replaced by a more realistic rendering of a standing dairy cow, although it has retained the maple leaf featured in the logo’s previous iteration.

The cow is standing atop a box representing the farm ground that is fundamental to dairy farming. The box also contains the full Dairy Farmers of Canada name. DFC has also slightly lightened the blue of the logo, saying that the new colour scheme is intended to be optimistic while also suggesting freshness.

DFC is also introducing a second logo featuring the words “Quality Milk,” which will be used as a certification mark of origin for 100% Canadian milk and Canadian dairy ingredients. DFC is planning to launch a consumer awareness campaign around the new logo early next year.

Ashlee Smith, assistant director of internal communications and corporate sponsorship for DFC in Ottawa, said that research into the organization’s previous corporate logos suggested it did not sufficiently represent the DFC as an entity, and wasn’t always successful in distinguishing dairy products made with 100% Canadian milk.

“We want to make sure that Canadians know that as an organization we are one strong voice and that we stand together,” said Smith. “Dairy farmers are constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve and look to the future, and we’re doing that as an organization. We want to really reflect our farmers.”

In a press conference introducing the revamped logo, the organization said that the previous logo had not been featured on enough of its products, hindering consumers’ attempts to find Canadian-specific products at store level.

Smith says that the revamp is also intended to help consumers recognize DFC as the body representing the country’s approximately 12,000 dairy farmers. The new logo is already featured on the DFC website.

The organization also announced plans to delay the 10th edition of the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix until 2018, enabling more Canadian cheeses bearing the new certification logo the opportunity to participate in the contest.

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