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Daiya partners with "The Bear" star to promote reformulated dairy-free cheese

"Fromage Forgery" concept served up dairy-free grilled cheese sandwiches in New York City
Jillian Morgan, female, digital editor for Canadian Grocer
lionel boyce x daiya
Lionel Boyce. Photography courtesy Daiya

Daiya has partnered with The Bear star Lionel Boyce to promote its recently reformulated dairy-free cheese.

To celebrate its “cheese dupe,” the brand set up a “Fromage Forgery” stall in New York City, where more than 350 people lined up to try a dairy-free grilled cheese. Boyce took on the role of salesman.

"When Daiya approached me to be a part of Fromage Forgery, I thought it was super cool that they wanted to be viewed as a brand for everyone rather than just for people with dietary restrictions. That and the fact that they were down to let me put a ponytail wig on were key selling points,” Boyce said in a press release. 

Daiya is also teaming up with Ian Charms to drop a free, limited-edition beaded necklace inspired by Fromage Forgery. 

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daiya fromage forgery
The Fromage Forgery grilled cheese. Photography courtesy Daiya

"The beauty of contemporary dupe culture is that it opens high-end luxury to the masses. This trend aligns with similar beliefs held at Daiya: that everyone is deserving of a bite of high-quality dairy-free cheese, and nothing should stand in the way,” John Kelly, chief marketing officer at Daiya, added.

Daiya’s new products stem from its multi-million-dollar investment in fermentation technology. The new Daiya Oat Cream blend is the company's proprietary cultured ingredient and is now the key component across Daiya's dairy-free shreds, slices, blocks and sticks.

Consumers can expect to see the new products on shelves now across major retailers in the US and Canada.

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