Danone launches volunteer program


Danone has launched a volunteer program that allows employees to combine field-based and business-based volunteerism with local organizations.

"The program we are launching today reflects our vision of being a responsible company, a vision that dictates we must be a company that is implicated in the development of its community and contribute to improving its quality of life," said Louis Frenette, president and CEO of Danone Canada.

Danone will pair its employees who wish to perform field-based volunteerism with the Club des petits déjeuners du Québec, which provides healthy breakfasts for children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Meanwhile, employees wishing to be involved with business-based volunteerism will be matched with Business Volunteers, an organization that facilitates the matching of employee volunteers with not-for-profit organizations.

The program is mutually beneficial for Danone and the local organizations it will be helping. It will allow Danone to become closer to its community through its employees while they develop managerial skills they can transfer to the company.

In turn, the organizations will be benefitting from the expertise and know-how of Danone employees.

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