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Danone's new Silhouette takes shape


Canadian Grocer recently spoke with Danone's marketing director Catherine Fortier about its new redesigned Silhouette line and the consumer's increasing focus on eating well.

Canadian Grocer: What need is this revamped Silhouette line meeting for consumers?

Catherine Fortier: The new redesigned Silhouette addresses the consumer shift away from strictly focusing on weight loss to focusing on eating well and eating enjoyably. Silhouette has met women across Canada to better understand them and better answer their needs.

What led to the new formulation?

We listened to the market and we listened to our consumers. The change in market trends: Weight loss or maintaining weight is still a top concern for women but the approach to achieve it has significantly changed. It is no longer about restrictive diet; women are now more focused on achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Women want foods that can help them manage their weight but also taste good. They no longer want to sacrifice taste and are looking for more natural products, such as products with natural colours or flavours. Women are also looking for nutritious foods with high protein content for snack time or after training.

We held focus groups in both Toronto and Montreal and asked women to provide insights into their eating preferences and weight management focus.  One of our key learnings was that women today do not want to conform to societal pressures and that they want to decide for themselves what makes them look good and feel good.  When we tested the new Silhouette, we learned that the new yogurt was well-received in terms of texture, taste and calorie count.

Can you talk about the new Greek yogurt offering?

New Silhouette Greek yogurt is distinct from other yogurts on the market in that it contains no added sugar while still offering all the goodness of a high-protein Greek yogurt. This new Greek yogurt has 50 calories per 100-gram serving, and half those calories are derived from protein, compared to other regular greek yogurts at 80 calories or more per serving. Available in single serving size, Silhouette Greek is a stirred yogurt, ideal for snacking or on the go. The Silhouette stirred Greek yogurt comes in five delicious flavours: Vanilla Twist, Strawberry Kiss, Refreshing Apple, Tropical Delight and Berry-licious.

Where is the main growth in the yogurt category coming from this year?

Greek yogurt continues to be a hot trend in 2013. There is an upsurge in consumption of yogurt between January and February, especially in the weight management category where total yogurt sales growth is up 40 per cent. It’s a seasonality effect.

What trends are driving the category?

An important fact to consider is that the concept of eating healthy is becoming standard and is no longer just a trend.  In fact, three out of four Canadians are paying more attention to food labels and are trying to eat healthier.  As a food company we are always finding new ways to make eating healthy more enjoyable.

Last year, there was innovation in the fresh dairy products category in North America with almost 40 per cent of new products with "innovative" traits focused on the “variety of the senses” trend, whereas only 12 per cent were noted for their “slimming” aspect. This indicates a return to the pleasure of eating and a gradual abandonment of weight loss as an absolute objective when it comes to food.

There has also been an overall snacking trend internationally, with healthy snacking experiencing significant growth. Consumers are now shopping for quick food solutions that are both nutritious and satisfying.

Any tips you can provide retailers to help drive sales?

Make shopping easier for the consumer.  In the yogurt aisle, where applicable, grocers can display relevant products closer together to encourage impulse purchase or up-selling.  For example, creating a display of dried fruit, honey or granola near the yogurt section can encourage shoppers to buy all the necessary ingredients for a quick breakfast parfait.

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