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Delissio opens pop-up pizzeria

Nestlé brand targets millennials with personalized pizza experience

Frozen pizza brand Delissio is hoping to win over millennials with a pop-up pizzeria in Toronto. The shop, called Rustico on King, is serving up free customizable pizzas from Nov. 4 to 11.

“We wanted to raise awareness for the different ways people can amp up their pizza nights at home, and inspire them on the different ways they can personalize and customize their pizza,” said Madeline Wolkove, director of Nestlé Canada. “We know that one in three consumers of frozen pizzas are already adding additional toppings to their pizza at home, and this was just a fun way of bringing that to life.”

Wolkove said the objectives of the pop-up pizzeria are to raise awareness for Delissio Rustico, the brand’s line of thin crust pizza, and connect with younger consumers who are looking for more sophisticated pizza toppings.

At the pop-up shop, located on the corner of King St. and Blue Jays Way, customers can dress up a Delissio Rustico Margherita with a variety of toppings, including roasted butternut squash, caramelized onions and genoa salami. They can also garnish their pizzas with things like black pepper honey or fried breadcrumbs. Three house specials will also be available for free, such as the “Tuscan Vacation” with kale and ricotta.

Wolkove noted that pizza is the number-one Instagrammed food, so the brand created a selfie station for the pop-up shop. “It’s all perfectly lit for people to be able to slide their creations onto a blank canvas and snap a picture and share it with their followers,” she said.

Eight varieties of Delissio Rustico pizza will also be available for sale, and the proceeds will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer.

The pop-up shop is being promoted with a media event, wild postings, digital and social media, and street teams. The brand has also partnered with influencers who will host a pizza night in their homes and share with their followers how they customized their pizzas.

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