Don’t “Sell” Summer Short


Let’s put aside the fact that as a retailer you have the power to destroy a kid's summer by putting out Back-to-School stuff out way too early.

Instead let’s talk about the fact that mid-July is too damn early to surrender the summer to the inevitable BTS period.

While walking through Walmart last week I was once again punched in the face by the all too familiar Back-to-School display in the seasonal section adjacent to the entrance.

Here is the interesting part, while the store was buzzing with activity this section was a dead zone.

Apparently I’m not the only one who was completely uninterested in seeing binders, backpacks and pens in 38 degree heat.

Is getting the jump on the competition so vital that sacrificing prime real-estate two or three weeks early is a good idea?

Perhaps it is and I am simply not seeing the big picture, but I would have preferred seeing almost anything else in this section – perhaps the last blow out of summer merchandise: barbecues, coolers, pool noodles, life jackets, fishing rods – a big lead into the long weekend of August.

In short, I see it as a mediocre way of playing it safe as opposed to putting forward an exciting program to enhance the summer shopping experience.

Just the ramblings of a Retail Guy.

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