Egg Farmers of Canada taps bloggers

Three Canadian bloggers will share recipes, tips and nutritional info

Egg Farmers of Canada has launched its first-ever blogger ambassador program to get more people cracking. “We have quite successful social media presences, with our Facebook page and Twitter presence,” said Christine Anawati, senior communications officer at Ottawa-based Egg Farmers of Canada. “We thought was a nice way to get involved with new voices to help reach new audiences and share the goodness of eggs.” The organization put a call out to Canadian bloggers, inviting them to submit an application. After reviewing 75 submissions, the organization landed on three: lifestyle blogger Tammi Roy of My Organized Chaos, parenting blogger Cheryl Kirkness of Moms & Munchkins, and food blogger Tara Noland of Noshing with the Nolands. “They each have very different personalities and write about different things,” said Anawati. “Because they each have a prominent and established presence, they can engage with our audiences and have meaningful conversations about eggs, egg farming and the health benefits of eating eggs.” The blogger program targets moms 25+ and each blogger will publish a blog at least once a month. Some posts will “provide tips to help make a mom’s life a little easier, easy meal-time planning ideas and quick recipes to get the kids out the door a little faster,” said Anawati. Egg Farmers of Canada will promote the posts on its Facebook and Twitter accounts, and will share recipes on Pinterest. Using #CanadianEggs, the organization will be able to track Twitter conversations about the bloggers’ posts. This article first appeared in Marketing Magazine

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