FamilyGuard partners with Kelly Rowland to highlight importance of clean play spaces for kids

Brand declares May 26 national Yes, Play! Day
family guard kelly rowland
Kelly Rowland. Photography courtesy FamilyGuard Brand

SC Johnson disinfectant brand FamilyGuard has teamed up with Kelly Rowland to declare May 26 Yes, Play! Day.

The day highlights the importance of having a dedicated, clean play space in the home, encouraging Canadian families to prioritize play.

The partnership with Rowland is part of new programming from the FamilyGuard in Canada and the U.S., including the Play Zone contest, giving away a total of $50,000 divided among 100 families to create or update an existing dedicated play space in their home.

"Being a mom is truly the most important thing to me. Playing with my boys makes me so happy. Whether it's colouring or building with blocks, when I'm with them – I'm just me. I know the impact that play has on their development and how important it is to have a dedicated and clean play area to explore," Rowland said in a statement. "People may not know that I love to clean! After I put my kids down for the night, I do my cleaning routine and feel confident knowing that I've disinfected their play space, so it's ready for what the next day brings. I'm proud to team up with the FamilyGuard Brand to help families provide their kids with a space where they can thrive."

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