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Feds finance GS1 Canada trade certification program for small food businesses

Program aims to help small agricultural businesses further expand into grocery and food services

Ottawa is spending $336,858 to finance a trade certification program for micro and small food enterprises. 

The funding will support non-profit association GS1 Canada to develop training, including learning modules and a virtual portal of resources. 

GS1 Canada plans to equip at least 200 businesses across Canada with the knowledge, tools and experience they need to prepare for trade with different sectors, including the grocery sector, distribution and food services.

Completion of the program will provide those businesses with access to other services provided by GS1 for one year – including having licensed GS1 barcodes on their products and access to online tools to share product data with trading partners.  

"We are proud to be partnering with government to launch the trade certification program,” Kelly Asghar, acting president, GS1 Canada, said in a statement. “Through our role as a trusted, strategic partner, this robust education program has been developed to help small businesses meet Canadian trading partner requirements, including understanding the importance of unique product identification, barcoding, data quality and GS1 supply chain standards."

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