Flipp app raises the bar on convenience

Adds three new features to give users a better shopping experience

Digital flyer app Flipp is launching several enhancements to give users a better shopping experience, says Seth Stover, managing director, partner development.

New features include a photo list, family sync and store mode in order to make people’s weekly grocery shop a little easier.

The photo list enhancement, which launched in November, gives shoppers the option of taking a picture of their handwritten list, which is then transcribed into the Flipp shopping list feature.

According to the Food Marketing Institute's US Grocery Trends 2016 Report, 75% of shoppers reported that they make a shopping list when planning their shopping, with a frequency of almost every time or fairly often.

The store mode feature are continuing to rolling out across Canada and the U.S.

The family sync, which launched in November, enhancement lets shoppers share their shopping list with one other household members. This could mean adding, subtracting or crossing off items on the list, or sharing shopping responsibilities. App users can create a list and invite one other person to join. Once the lists are synced, both people will see the same copy, and as changes are made, it updates automatically.

The final feature sorts a customer’s shopping list by store aisle to help customers plan their in-store shop in order to save time.

How does it work? Stover says nearby stores will appear at the top of one’s shopping list. A customer can select from those stores. Flipp will then sort the items on the list by aisle location. For instance, “fresh veggies will appear in the produce section and pasta in aisle,” says Stover.

“Together, Photo List, Family Sync and Store Mode build on Flipp’s existing shopping list which instantly finds flyer deals for the items on your list,” adds Stover. “The new features are based on the tools shoppers use everyday, such as a handwritten shopping list, but increase their function to help Flipp users save time and money on their weekly shop.”

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