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Food trends to watch in 2013


The local food movement is poised to become a major challenge for big food makers in 2013, according to a recent report cited in an article by USA Today.

Consumers are increasingly demanding locally grown food, and are happy to turn to farmers markets and street vendors to get it.

“This will challenge big food sellers and manufacturers,” says Sharon Olson, executive director of the Culinary Visions panel, which surveyed consumers and experts. “It's not a simple switch.”

Other food trends to watch in 2013:

1) Trickle up effect: Dining trends will start in street markets, not restaurants, says Olson. “It's a reverse thinking on the way companies look at identifying food trends.”

2) “Pure” food: Consumers are looking for transparency about the foods they eat. Recognizable ingredients and sourcing information is key. If it’s local, all the better.

3) Don’t forget the kids: Foods will be healthy and affordable, appealing to both parents and children.

4) Canning is cool again: What will consumers do with all the fresh fruit and veggies they buy at farmers markets? Pickle them, of course. Canning is emerging as a hip, personal way to manage excess food.

5) Veggies take centre plate: "Veggies have become chic," says Olsen, whose firm writes that vegetables will replace meat as the centrepiece of a meal.

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