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A game change in salad dressings!

La Presserie launches a line of Plant-Based Cold Pressed Dressings.

La Presserie, a Toronto-based manufacturer of premium cold-pressed juices and smoothies, introduced the first real innovation in refrigerated salad dressings in decades.

In response to the fast growing consumer demand for plant-based, delicious and nutritious clean label dressing options, La Presserie, has launched a new line of all-natural Plant-Based Cold-Pressed Dressings.

This innovation is a game-changer for nutrition conscious consumers looking for an alternative to conventional oil-based cooked dressings. These fresh unpasteurized, never-cooked, vitamin & nutrient-packed dressings feature pure cold pressed juices, fresh fruits, vegetables & herbs, with significantly less oil as compared to currently available commercial dressings.

Consumers watching their calorie intake no longer need to keep their dressing “on-the-side”.

Thanks to their pure plant-based origin and minimal oil content, when added to the salad, La Presserie’s guilt-free dressings make a complete meal even more nutritious!

Canadian grocery retailers such as Sobeys, have been quick to recognize the ever increasing consumer demand for plant-based, delicious, local, clean label products and have updated their offerings in a traditionally uninspiring and for many years unchanged dressing category, to include healthier plant-based options such as La Presserie’s Cold Pressed Dressings.

The initial lineup of fruit and vegetable-based dressings includes four exciting varieties: Strawberry Balsamic, Thai Mango, Pomegranate Orange and Blueberry Mustard. Each can be used as a salad dressing, dip, drizzle or marinade and has a refrigerated shelf-life of 60 days.

La Presserie is also launching an amazingly delicious assortment of creamy dressings that are completely plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free. In a total departure from convention, La Presserie's delicious creamy dressings are made with real fresh herbs!

The offerings include perennial consumer favourites: Ranch with Fresh Parsley, Caesar with Fresh Garlic, and Dill with Fresh Herbs. Shelf-life of La Presserie's refrigerated creamy dressings is a very generous 90 days.

Look for La Presserie’s dressings in the Produce department where refrigerated dressings are sold. For more information, please email [email protected]

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