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Go nuts with cashew milk

Creamy Cashew added to Silk's line of plant-based beverages

Silk, the purveyor of popular plant-based beverages, is adding another product to its roster of dairy alternatives.

Creamy Cashew, a cashew-based beverage, is free of cholesterol, lactose, dairy, soy and gluten.

According to Silk’s research team, plant-based beverages are enjoyed by 33% of Canadian households, and up to 74% of households are interesting in trying them.

“The mild creamy taste appeals to consumers who are trying to make small changes in their diet to improve their health without compromising on taste,” explains Valerie Fleck, spokesperson for Creamy Cashew.

The product began shipping in September. A full support plan including nation TV, digital display ads and in-store demonstrations are in the works.

“We believe that plant-based foods are the best way to nourish people and the planet,” says Fleck. “Today we offer a broad portfolio of nutritious, great-tasting plant-based options including soy, almond and coconut beverages.”

Estimates show over 7 million Canadians are lactose intolerant.

Creamy Cashew comes in 1.89 L containers. It’s suggested retail price ranges between $3.99 to $4.29 in eastern Canada, and $3.99 to $4.99 in western Canada.

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