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Grocery Gateway launches iPhone app


Toronto-based online grocer Grocery Gateway and Unata, a digital shopper marketing company, today announced a partnership to provide customers a mobile app to shop for groceries.

Customers will be able to order groceries on their iPhone or other smartphone device using an app from

Grocery Gateway, which is owned by Toronto-based Longo's, said in a release that its app is the first of its kind in Canada. It allows shoppers to order on the go, view previous purchases, pay and select a delivery time.

“The ability to grocery shop anywhere, anytime brings a new level of service and convenience to our customers by using devices they already take wherever they go so that they can incorporate grocery shopping into their busy lives," Ken Kuschei, Longo’s director of customer relationship management, said.

Chris Bryson, CEO at Unata, said the back-end system his company has developed uses information such as transaction history to give customers a personalized experience when they view the app. Meanwhile, Grocery Gateway is able to send targeted offers to customers as well.

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