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Growing need for grocery item information on smartphones: report


The Rogers Innovation Report released today reveals that Canadian technology users are hungry for the next generation of Internet experiences.

The report, produced by Rogers Communications (also owner of Canadian Grocer) found that 56 per cent want real-time access on their mobile devices to information on grocery store items, such as origin, ingredients and how long it's been on the shelf while 67 per cent would prefer to shop at a store that enables them to use their mobile device for price comparisons, with 64 per cent of men interested in this option versus 54 per cent of women.

And over three quarters (79 per cent) say that the Internet allows them to connect in ways that make their lives better now and 72 per cent expect the Internet to play an increasingly important role in the next five years.

As well, more than half (51 per cent) of survey respondents say they would make better decisions about diet and exercise if technology would allow them to track their vitals, such as blood sugar level, heart rate and cholesterol level, while 57 per cent want a diagnosis by connecting with their doctor online.

"The Internet is indispensable to us today and we have yet to see its full potential," said Robert Switzman, senior director emerging business, Rogers Communications in a press release. "From apps that monitor cholesterol to fridges that automatically order groceries, the Internet is becoming the backbone of all connections in the world around us, and will continue to evolve how we go about our daily lives."

Using research from Rogers and Vision Critical, the latest report focuses on how the Internet is being used today and how Canadians will want to use it in the future.

The online survey was conducted from April 13-15 among 1,010 randomly selected Canadians who own a smartphone and are connected to the Internet.

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