Hershey's doubles down on iconic Kisses in the U.S.

New treat is twice the size and features hazelnut centre

Pennsylvania's most iconic chocolate maker is doubling-down on one of its most popular treats. The Hershey Company on Tuesday announced it's bringing Hershey Kisses Deluxe to the United States. The new Kisses will go on sale starting Nov. 5. They will be twice the size of a normal silver foil-wrapped Kiss and feature a hazelnut centre and rice crisps in the chocolate. The bigger Kisses are wrapped in gold foil. They'll be packaged in quantities ranging from 3 to 75. The three-Kiss box will cost $1; the 75-piece gift box will be $32. They debuted in China in 2013. The company tells the Central Penn Business Journal the new Kisses are being made on specialized equipment at its Monterrey, Mexico plant. Regular Kisses are made in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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