Hey Adonis, Aphrodite’s not the only one who loves you


Adonis, founded in Montreal in 1978, will see its stores coming to Ontario, according to Metro CEO Eric La Fleche.

At the recent CIBC Retail and Consumer Conference in Toronto La Fleche said that Metro is committed to growing the Adonis chain that it purchased a 55 per cent stake in last year.

Last year, La Fleche said he hoped to open 12-15 stores over the next five years.

What makes the store so awesome?

Reasonable prices, variety and top quality.

Cheese, please. From akkawi and nabulsi to feta, halloumi and Jarlsberg, Adonis’ cheese counter is stellar. Take a number. You’ll have to wait, but it will be worth it. The store offers most options pre-packaged for those who are less patient.

Nuts, coffee, olives and marinades high-grade products are sold in bulk at their respective counters.

Produce Adonis has a selection of produce that is hard to beat. Whether shoppers are looking for something as regular as green peppers or as exotic as cactus pears, the selection is always very fresh. Bonus: having a pineapple peeled and cored right in store.

The butcher and charcuterie Good quality cold meats and a large selection at the butcher counter. Much of the selection is Halal. Like the cheese counter, you can get a ticket and wait in line or buy something pre-packaged. The marinated pork souvlaki is a must.

The grill counter offers up all kinds of convenience items. Cold salads, rice dishes, meats, pastas and even calamari.

The icing on the cake? The dessert counter alone is a reason to make a trip to Adonis. There is a wide selection of specialty cakes, gorgeous fruit tarts, chocolate mousse cakes, and more types of balaclava than you knew existed. At the Rue Sauvé location, large windows near the underground parking allow shoppers to watch the cakes being made.

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