IGA revamps marinated meat, fish in Quebec

Reformulated products have no preservatives, artificial colours and flavours

IGA has reformulated 45 products in its “Les Prêts-à-cuire du boucher” and “Les Prêts-à-cuire du poissonnier” line of marinated foods throughout Quebec.

The 30 meat and 15 fish dishes are now free of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, and sulphites. Available at IGA stores throughout the province, the products typically range in price from $8.99 to $12.99 per pound said IGA spokesperson Laurie Fossat.

The product line includes traditional products such as honey-mustard pork tenderloin and Dijon beef flap steak, along with tamari or chipotle salmon or shish taouk chicken breast.

The changes have been in development for several months. They are the result of an ongoing effort by the chain to find all-natural substitutes for its meat and fish marinades without substantially altering their flavour.

“These are mainly used to enhance the taste of food, but we’ve replaced them with natural flavours and ingredients such as spices, herbs, natural smoke flavour, natural lemon flavour, etc.” Fossat told Canadian Grocer.

The revamped products are aligned with the Sobeys' banner’s The Joy of Eating Better program, introduced in May 2014 as a way of inspiring Quebecers to eat better by making responsible food choices, seeking out local and international flavours, and cooking differently and more often.

Fossat said that the revamped products retain their allure as quick and easy-to-prepare meal alternatives, but their pared down list of ingredients addresses demand for healthier products.

“Consumers want to understand the list of ingredients shown on the packaging of the products they buy,” said Fossat. “We adjusted our offer growing demand by offering products that respond to their needs.”

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