Impax Media's digital screens make checkout lanes an engaging experience

Smart screens at checkout boost sales and brand awareness

Canadian shoppers are getting a welcome surprise this year in their local grocery stores!

Impax Media’s digital shopper entertainment gate is proving that wait times in checkout lanes can be an engaging experience.  With content made-to-order serving up relevant news, sports, weather and entertainment features, it is no wonder that with perceived wait times going down, the interest from the grocers has been overwhelming for these zero cost, no maintenance units.

The digital entertainment gate also offers anti-theft and safety features that are attracting supermarket managers, not to mention that they get a percentage of the advertising dollars spent on the digital screens.

These 32” screens located on the end caps of cashier lines automatically come down to block any closed aisles. The screens stop 19” from the floor, but immediately beep to alert staff if someone tries to slip under without paying.

Further, these are smart screens. A special embedded technology feature launching in early 2016 allows the screens to profile several target groups by age and gender to ensure that the advertising content on the screens is relevant to those shoppers actively engaging with or viewing them. For example, a man 18-34 might see an advertisement for a product that might interest him, while a woman 25-34 would see a different ad that was more relevant to her.

Even without the targeting feature being activated, advertised products on the screens already installed in various Metro supermarkets and independents such as Pasquier and Vince’s Market have enjoyed consumer engagement and sales lift.

Advertising and entertainment content is split 50-50 on the screens. Average wait time in cashier lines is three-and-a-half minutes, but an Ipsos survey showed that 75% of respondents found the screens’ advertising and entertainment content cut down the perceived wait time. Further, in terms of sales, 50% of respondents had purchased a product or visited a website for more information after seeing a screen ad.

“We have a great value proposition for retailers,” says Shmuel Gniwisch, founder and president of Montreal-based Impax Media. “In addition to all these advantages, our screens upgrade the look and feel of the stores.”

Impax Media’s digital shopper entertainment gates certainly appear to be the way of the future on the Canadian supermarket scene!

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