The interactive grocery counter


With QR codes and virtual grocery shelves being tested worldwide, it's only a matter of time before the deli, bakery and seafood counters go high-tech as well.

German interaction design students Benedikt Burgmaier and Fabian Kreuzer have redesigned these departments in their senior thesis project.

Food and Tech Connect founder Danielle Gould points out that instead of relying on counter staff, customers can get detailed product, origin and recipe information for food items by simply pointing to an item.

For origin and recipe information, a customer lifts one of the books on the counter.

The project was just a prototype but it raises interesting questions as to how grocery retailing will evolve as it intermingles increasingly with technology.

Check out the video and e-mail me your thoughts at [email protected]

Informative cheese, meat and fish counter – a guidance for your purchase from fabian kreuzer on Vimeo.

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