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Iögo takes aim at the afternoon munchies with protein-packed yogurt

New line of Greek yogurt was designed specifically for the Canadian market

Ultima Foods has introduced a line of protein-packed Greek yogurt its positioning as a way to satisfy those mid-day hunger pangs.

Promoted as a “guilt-free, healthy afternoon snack option,” Iögo Proteine contains 10g of protein and was designed specifically for Canadian consumers by the company's research and development team in Montreal, according to Jennifer Beauchamp, senior brand manager, Iögo.

"Rather than grab a bag of chips there's a better way to snack that tides you over between meal time," she said.

Internal research indicated protein hungry Canadians were looking for a more filling snack option than they believe traditional yogurt provides. Beauchamp said the new line appeals to both men and women and proves a protein-filled snack can be more than a power bar.

The line is gelatin, gluten and preservative-free and is available in chocolate, black cherry, key lime and vanilla. Though the line is only available in 125g containers, Ultima is looking at launching it in other formats, said Beauchamp.

Iögo Proteine is being promoted via TV, social media, digital banner ads and coupons as well as in-store sampling. Suggested retail for a four-cup package is $3.99 in Eastern Canada and $4.39 in Western Canada.

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