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Iron Chef America meal kits

Popular Food Network show debuts lines of home meal kits

Inspired by the Food Network's popular Iron Chef America series, the Allez Cuisine home meal kits offer foodies chef-inspired dishes.

Allez Cuisine home meal kits feed a family of four in as little as 12 minutes. The lineup includes: Chicken Garam Masala, Mongolian Beef, Thai Green Curry Beef, and Spicy Szechuan Chicken.

Allez Cuisine meals aren't par-cooked or pre-cooked. The product essentially is an extension of all those delicious recipes people watch on their screens. "Now, they can take away some of those flavours and bring them home. It's quick to cook, and simple to cook. Most importantly, all ingredients are fresh," said Zanthi Galiatsatos, who heads communications for the line.

The kits retail for $14.99 and are currently being sold at Longo's in Ontario; IGA and Metro banners in Quebec; and Sobeys west stores.

Allez Cuisine meals are under license to Premier Meat Packers. Plans are in the works for a line of hors d'oeuvres.

Watch video on the Allez Cuisine line here:

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