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Knorr and Cardi B partner to launch Knorr Taste Combos

Menu of recipes can be prepared at home in under 30 minutes
cardi b knorr taste combos

Knorr has teamed up with Cardi B to introduce Knorr Taste Combos, a menu of recipes that can be prepared at home in under 30 minutes.

Among the recipes is “Cardi B’s Taste Combo,” with ingredients including chicken, a medley of vegetables and a sauce made with Knorr Chicken Bouillon Cubes.

“Knorr is a staple in my kitchen and an ingredient I have been cooking with for many years,” said Cardi B in a statement. “My ‘Cardi B Taste Combo’ brings together protein, veggies and Knorr Bouillon. That bouillon, by the way, is my secret ingredient to turn up the taste for my family! With Knorr, everyone can create their own delicious combos in their own kitchens.” 

Knorr is inviting fans to share how they integrate the flavour of Knorr into homemade meals on TikTok using #KnorrVsCombo. 

“While many turn to combo meals for an easy meal that tastes great and pleases many around the table, Knorr Taste Combos aims to remind everyone that such a delicious meal is also attainable – and easy to make – in the kitchen at home,” said Gina Kiroff, North America marketing lead for Knorr. “By partnering with Cardi B, a Knorr fan and also busy working parent herself, we knew we could inspire families to create meals that may not be fast-food, but that are soooo good.” 

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