Kraft launches TV ad for new peanut butter

Campaign promotes new flavours like honey, cranberry and cinnamon

Kraft Canada is spreading on the nostalgia in a new television commercial that supports the company’s recently launched line of Peanut Butter flavours.

The packaged food and beverage company introduced four flavours–Honey, Banana Granola, Cinnamon Granola and Cranberry–in a line of Peanut Butter spreads that hit store shelves in April.

Jori Lichtman, brand manager for peanut butter at Kraft Canada, told Marketing that the idea for a line of flavoured spreads was sparked by consumer behaviour.

“We know from consumers that they mix things up with their peanut butter whether it’s peanut butter and honey or peanut butter and banana… and putting it together in a package that’s convenient and delicious was the next step for the brand,” she said.

Lichtman said it took Kraft Canada two years to find the right flavour combinations and textures for the spreads.

The company started with a wide net of options, she said, that at one point included blueberry, maple, orange and cherry varieties.

Lichtman said she couldn’t discuss specifics when asked if Kraft Canada would consider introducing any of the other options explored during the R&D phase.

Launched last week, the television commercial promoting the new flavours features a man who, as he reminisces about Kraft Peanut Butter, morphs into younger versions of himself. The commercial runs until early December.

“We know from consumers Kraft peanut butter is a product they remember different points in their life and they attach memories of how they eat it… the role that it plays in their lives and has played throughout their lives,” said Lichtman.

The television commercial is part of a larger effort that launched in April and included print, Facebook, in-store sampling, seeding with foodie influencers and through the brand’s annual cross-country “Spread the Feeling” tour.

This article first appeared in Marketing magazine.

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