Lay’s adopts a new look

It is the first major rebrand to the brand’s on-pack visuals since 2008

Lay’s couldn’t redesign just one. The popular chip brand is rolling out new packaging across its entire brand portfolio in nearly 100 markets around the world.

The company describes the brand refresh, the first major update to its packaging since 2008, as the biggest global design evolution in its history. Officially introduced in the U.S. in 2019, the redesign was formally announced in Canada last year and is being rolled out across the country now.

Extending across every SKU in the brand portfolio, the redesign is built around a series of concentric rings surrounding the Lay’s name/logo. According to Lay’s, the rings are a visual representation of the “magnetic pull” that consumers feel toward the chips’ taste.

The redesign also includes a slight tweak to the typography in the “Lay’s” logo, which has been slightly reduced in size and repositioned lower on the bag , and each bag also features a larger “Made in Canada” emblem.

The redesign is being supported by shopper marketing initiatives launching in the first half of the year. Lay’s introduced its newest flavour, Cheddar Jalapeño, in 2020. The product has since been added to the permanent line-up.

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