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The Life of You and Your Independent Grocer


In this life of busyness…whatever your business is, Independent Grocers can relate to consumers' lifestyles.

We are individuals, much like them, working hard to compete, keeping up with all the health trends that pop up every day, and the diets that everyone is encouraged to try.

At the same time, we all strive for work-life balance.

I’m a prairie girl, and have grown up in the grocery industry.

It has been a very rewarding and educational experience for me to see how things have changed over the years, all geared to everyone’s health, wellness & lifestyle.

It’s a passionate industry, and I share the passion with other independent grocers across the globe.

I have been extremely active for most of my life, but am learning that age, even though only a number, sneaks upon you.

Speaking from experience, work-life balance becomes blurred and hard to achieve.  But the reality was, only I could create the balance.

The average Canadian spends most of his life competing with himself to attain a set weight goal.

We each have our own little routines that work, whether it be the gym, a long walk, yoga or pilates.

Healthy diet will always be the other part of the equation as it's the food that fuels your body.

That’s where the independent grocer plays a large role.

Healthy eating plays a large part in one's overall health.

Most grocery stores pride themselves for their fresh departments:  fresh produce, fresh meat, fresh deli & fresh bakery. It's what we do best!

This is the closest you'll get to “Mom’s” homemade meals.  Our quality is top notch and love to support local suppliers.

Today, you can take it home and cook it, or we can cook it for you.

At Fine Foods, we carry national brands and private label, and I can assure you consumers' health & safety is front and centre in the Kraft’s, General Mills, Proctor & Gamble’s, McCain’s, Saputo & Maple Leafs of the world.

Our industry works closely with government agencies prior to their products showing up on our shelves for the consumer to buy.

It is proven that Canada’s food chain is one of the safest in the world.

Again it’s up to you, what the doctor ordered for you, your diet and your lifestyle.

The consumer drives our industry and everyone is striving to please the consumer.  It’s easy: eat right, get active, and be balanced.  Find the independent grocer in your community.

We need to incorporate our business into consumers' lifestyles, whether it’s a family grocery trip, a chance to get in the air conditioning, or they are looking for the ingredients to cook your wife her favourite dish.

We’ve got it; we are large enough to serve you; and small enough to care.

The independent grocers have superior service and are able to bend over backwards for our customers.

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