Loblaw partners with Anaphylaxis Canada


Loblaw pharmacies have partnered with Anaphylaxis Canada to introduce the personalized Food Allergy Management Assessment program to help parents and patients better manage potentially life-threatening food allergies.

Food allergen wallet cards will be offered at the pharmacy that can be used while grocery shopping, as well as an Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan, auto-injector instruction sheets and an automated program that provides reminders two weeks prior to the auto-injector expiration date.

"To educate consumers on emergency preparedness, pharmacists will ensure that parents and allergy patients understand how to correctly use their life-saving medication as well as provide useful tools," said Beatrice Povolo, director of marketing & communications for Anaphylaxis Canada.

Loblaw stores will also offer more than 80 President’s Choice and No Name peanut-free products made in a peanut-free facility as waell as fresh-baked goods from a peanut-free facility in the bakery section.

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