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At long last, Coca-Cola Life comes to Canada

Naturally sweetened brand launches with extensive campaign

Coca-Cola is aiming to get “Life” in the hands of calorie-conscious Canadians.

The beverage giant is launching a robust campaign to promote the arrival of Coca-Cola Life in Canada.

The product is sweetened with stevia—a zero-calorie natural sweetener—and cane sugar, and has 50% fewer calories than regular colas. It was first introduced in Argentina and Chile in 2013, and is being rolled out in various markets globally.

The Canadian launch includes a video (adapted from the global spot) running on TV, digital and in cinemas; a social media influencer program; 80,000 pieces of in-store materials including posters, tent cards and POS; and partnerships with Vice and to create video content with Canadian chefs, who will share recipes that pair well with Coca-Cola Life.

In addition, a sampling program will reach one million Canadians, including product drops at people’s homes and retail and foodservice sampling.

The campaign is part of Coca-Cola’s global “Taste the Feeling” platform, which markets Cola-Cola products with a “one brand” strategy.

“Our one brand strategy was really to say how do we offer Coca-Cola in different variants that meet different consumer needs, and we wanted to make sure that we have exactly what the consumer is looking for,” said Michael Samoszewski, vice-president, sparkling business unit, Coca-Cola.

With Coca-Cola Life, “we saw an unmet need in the marketplace. There are some people who are looking for a reduced-calorie soft drink that’s sweetened from natural sources and that was really the opportunity for us that we saw globally.”

The target audience for Coca-Cola Life is 30+, with the sweet spot being 30 to 49 years old, said Samoszewski. “I would say it’s less about age than it is with that time of life where people are a little more conscious about calories, but still want a great-tasting product. And they’re looking for that natural-source sweetener.”

The idea is not to bring new cola drinkers to the category, “but re-introduce Coca-Cola to people who may have left the category because they didn’t have those product dimensions ,” said Samoszewski.

Coca-Cola Life is available in 500mL PET bottles, 12- and 15-packs of 355mL cans and six-packs for 222mL cans.

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