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Magnum hits Canadian freezers in May


Magnum, the range of decadent Belgian chocolate-coated ice-cream bars makes its Canadian debut in May. Until now, the brand has been available in 40 different countries except Canada.

Unilever, which owns the Magnum brand, used to manage its portfolio of ice cream with a North American-focused lens, tailored to U.S. or Canadian audience.

Over the last few years, however, it has overhauled its portfolio and is looking at how to diversify its brands. “Magnum was a shining star that we needed to bring to Canada,” said Gina Kiroff, senior brand building manager, Magnum.

Magnum, created in Germany in 1988, was the first premium bar on stick, according to Kiroff.

How is this bar different than its competitors? At first glance, it’s a big-sized bar at 100 millilitres. Secondly, Magnum features imported Belgian chocolate that isn’t diluted with any vegetable fats, adds Kiroff.

This lends to its premium taste and texture, giving it a hard shell that cracks when bitten into. “Whereas if it’s a coating, it dissolves in the mouth leaving an oily residue,” she said.

Magnum also features innovative technology—the Magnum double—that allows for triple-dipping of its bars to get two layers of chocolate, and a sauce in between them. “It’s multi-sensorial in texture,” said Kiroff. “Magnum brings the sensuality of chocolate to the wholesomeness of ice cream.”

While Magnum is targeted at adults 25-34, the launch campaign is focused on the female 28-year-old pleasure seeker.

The line of six flavours—classic, almond, white, dark, double chocolate and double caramel—will be sold as singles or in multi-packs of three.

Cool treats continue to be show hot sales in grocery according to the latest Nielsen Company figures for the year ending July 31, 2010, ice cream and related product sales are up 2%.

Magnum’s Facebook page goes live May 2.

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